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Backgrounds allow you to customize your character based on their life before adventuring. This is the next step in their life story after their ancestry, which reflects the circumstances of their birth. Your character’s background can help you learn or portray more about their personality while also suggesting what sorts of things they’re likely to know. Consider what events set your character on their path to the life of an adventurer and how those circumstances relate to their background.

At 1st level when you create your character, you gain a background of your choice. This decision is permanent; you can’t change it at later levels. Each background listed here grants two ability boosts, a skill feat, and the trained proficiency rank in two skills, one of which is a Lore skill. If you gain the trained proficiency rank in a skill from your background and would then gain the trained proficiency rank in the same skill from your class at 1st level, you instead become trained in another skill of your choice.
Lore skills represent deep knowledge of a specific subject and are described on page 247. If a Lore skill involves a choice (for instance, a choice of terrain), explain your preference to the GM, who has final say on whether it’s acceptable or not. If you’d like some suggestions, the Common Lore Subcategories sidebar on page 248 lists a number of Lore skills that are suitable for most campaigns. Skill feats expand the functions of your skills and appear in Chapter 5: Feats.

Name Requirement Ability Scores Skill Lore Skill Feat Source
AcolyteIntelligence or WisdomReligionScribing LoreStudent of the CanonCRB p.60
AcrobatStrength or DexterityAcrobaticsCircus LoreSteady BalanceCRB p.60
AerialistExtinction CurseDexterity or CharismaAcrobaticsRope LoreCat FallECPG p.4
Spoiler for Age of AshesAiudara SeekerComplete
Age of Ashes
Intelligence or WisdomArcanaPortal LoreQuick IdentificationAoA06 p.73
Alkenstar TinkerImpossible LandsDexterity or IntelligenceCraftingEngineering LoreAlchemical CraftingLOWG p.82
Animal WhispererWisdom or CharismaNaturea Lore skill related to one terrain inhabited by animals you likeTrain AnimalCRB p.60
Animal WranglerExtinction CurseStrength or WisdomAthletics or NatureLore skill related to a particular kind of common animal (such as Equine Lore, Feline Lore, or Pachyderm Lore)Titan Wrestler or Train AnimalECPG p.4
ArtisanStrength or IntelligenceCraftingGuild LoreSpecialty CraftingCRB p.60
ArtistDexterity or CharismaCraftingArt LoreSpecialty CraftingCRB p.60
Aspiring Free CaptainHigh SeasWisdom or CharismaIntimidationSailing LoreGroup CoercionLOWG p.70
Aspiring River MonarchBroken LandsWisdom or CharismaSocietyPolitics LoreCourtly GracesLOWG p.34
Atteran RancherOld CheliaxStrength or DexterityNatureAnimal LoreTrain AnimalLOWG p.106
BarkeepConstitution or CharismaDiplomacyAlcohol LoreHobnobberCRB p.60
BarkerExtinction CurseConstitution or CharismaIntimidationCrowd LoreGroup CoercionECPG p.5
BarristerIntelligence or CharismaDiplomacyLegal LoreGroup ImpressionCRB p.60
Bekyar RestorerMwangi ExpanseWisdom or CharismaDiplomacyAbyss LoreGroup ImpressionLOWG p.94
Belkzen SlayerEye of DreadStrength or CharismaIntimidationOrc LorreIntimidating GlareLOWG p.46
Bellflower AgentOld CheliaxDexterity or CharismaStealthUnderworld LoreExperienced SmugglerLOWG p.106
Black Market SmugglerGolden RoadWisdom or CharismaStealthUnderworld LoreExperienced SmugglerLOWG p.58
Blow-inExtinction CurseDexterity or CharismaDeception or ThieveryUnderworld LoreLengthy Diversion or Subtle TheftECPG p.5
Bonuwat WavetouchedMwangi ExpanseStrength or WisdomAthleticsOcean LoreUnderwater MarauderLOWG p.94
Bounty HunterStrength or WisdomSurvivalLegal LoreExperienced TrackerCRB p.61
Bright LionMwangi ExpanseStrength or CharismaDeceptionMzali LoreLie to MeLOWG p.94
ButcherExtinction CurseConstitution or IntelligenceSocietyMercantile LoreRead LipsECPG p.5
CharlatanIntelligence or CharismaDeceptionUnderworld LoreCharming LiarCRB p.61
Chelish RebelOld CheliaxDexterity or CharismaSocietyKintargo LoreStreetwiseLOWG p.106
Child of the PuddlesAbsalom and Starstone IsleDexterity or IntelligenceAcrobaticsAbsalom LoreSteady BalanceLOWG p.22
Child of WestcrownOld CheliaxStrength or CharismaDiplomacyWestcrown LoreGroup ImpressionLOWG p.106
Circus BornExtinction CurseIntelligence or CharismaPerformanceCircus LoreExperienced ProfessionalECPG p.5
ClownExtinction CurseDexterity or CharismaPerformanceClown LoreVirtuosic Performer (comedy)ECPG p.6
CriminalDexterity or IntelligenceStealthUnderworld LoreExperienced SmugglerCRB p.61
Cursed FamilyEye of DreadIntelligence or CharismaOccultismCurse LoreOddity IdentificationLOWG p.46
Desert TrackerGolden RoadConstitution or WisdomSurvivalDesert LoreExperienced TrackerLOWG p.58
DetectiveIntelligence or WisdomSocietyUnderworld LoreStreetwiseCRB p.61
Diobel Pearl DiverAbsalom and Starstone IsleConstitution or DexterityAthleticsOcean LoreUnderwater MarauderLOWG p.22
Dragon ScholarAge of AshesStrength or CharismaIntimidationDragon LoreIntimidating GlareAoAPG p.4
EmancipatedAge of AshesDexterity or CharismaStealthKintargo LoreTerrain StalkerAoAPG p.4
EmissaryIntelligence or CharismaSocietya Lore skill related to one city you’ve visited oftenMultilingualCRB p.61
EntertainerDexterity or CharismaPerformanceTheater LoreFascinating PerformanceCRB p.61
FarmhandConstitution or WisdomAthleticsFarming LoreAssurance (Athletics)CRB p.62
Field MedicConstitution or WisdomMedicineWarfare LoreBattle MedicineCRB p.62
Final Blade SurvivorShining KingdomsCharisma or WisdomDeceptionRevolution LoreCharming LiarLOWG p.130
Fortune TellerIntelligence or CharismaOccultismFortune-Telling LoreOddity IdentificationCRB p.62
Freed Slave of AbsalomAbsalom and Starstone IsleConstitution or IntelligenceSocietyAbsalom LoreStreetwiseLOWG p.22
GamblerDexterity or CharismaDeceptionGames LoreLie to MeCRB p.62
Geb CrusaderImpossible LandsConstitution or WisdomReligionUndead LoreStudent of the CanonLOWG p.82
GladiatorStrength or CharismaPerformanceGladiatorial LoreImpressive PerformanceCRB p.62
Goblinblood OrphanOld CheliaxDexterity or ConstitutionSurvivalGoblin LoreAssurance (Survival)LOWG p.106
Grand Council BureaucratAbsalom and Starstone IsleCharisma or IntelligenceSocietyGovernment LoreGroup ImpressionLOWG p.22
GuardStrength or CharismaIntimidationLegal Lore or Warfare LoreQuick CoercionCRB p.62
Haunting VisionAge of AshesConstitution or WisdomReligionDahak LoreStudent of the CanonAoAPG p.4
Hellknight HistorianAge of AshesStrength or IntelligenceSocietyArchitecture LoreCourtly GracesAoAPG p.5
HerbalistConstitution or WisdomNatureHerbalism LoreNatural MedicineCRB p.62
Hermean ExpatriateHigh SeasIntelligence or CharismaSocietyDragon LoreSkill TrainingLOWG p.70
Spoiler for Age of AshesHermean HeritorComplete
Age of Ashes
Constitution or WisdomSocietyLegal LoreAssuranceAoA06 p.73
HermitConstitution or IntelligenceNature or Occultisma Lore skill related to the terrain you lived in as a hermitDubious KnowledgeCRB p.62
HunterDexterity or WisdomSurvivalTanning LoreSurvey WildlifeCRB p.62
InlanderAbsalom and Starstone IsleConstitution or WisdomSurvivala Lore skill related to the terrain type associated with your home regionSurvey WildlifeLOWG p.22
Issian PartisanBroken LandsIntelligence or CharismaDeceptionUnderworld LoreCharming LiarLOWG p.34
Kalistrade FollowerShining KingdomsConstitution or IntelligenceDiplomacyKalistrade LoreBargain HunterLOWG p.130
Kyonin EmissaryShining KingdomsCharisma or IntelligenceSocietyPolitics LoreMultilingualLOWG p.130
LaborerStrength or ConstitutionAthleticsLabor LoreHefty HaulerCRB p.62
Lastwall SurvivorEye of DreadConstitution or WisdomMedicineUndead LoreBattle MedicineLOWG p.46
Spoiler for Age of AshesLegendary ParentsComplete
Age of Ashes
Dexterity or CharismaIntimidationGenealogy LoreGroup CoercionAoA06 p.73
Lesser ScionFall of PlaguestoneDexterity or IntelligenceDiplomacyHeraldry LoreHobnobberFoP p.55
Local ScionAge of AshesConstitution or CharismaCraftingBreachill LoreSpecialty CraftingAoAPG p.5
Lost and AloneFall of PlaguestoneStrength or CharismaIntimidateWarfare LoreIntimidating GlareFoP p.55
Lumber Consortium LaborerShining KingdomsStrength or DexterityAthleticsForest LoreAssurance (Athletics)LOWG p.130
Magaambya AcademicMwangi ExpanseIntelligence or CharismaArcana or NatureAcademia LoreRecognize SpellLOWG p.94
Mammoth SpeakerSaga LandsConstitution or WisdomNatureAnimal LoreTrain AnimalLOWG p.118
Mana Wastes RefugeeImpossible LandsConstitution or IntelligenceArcanaWilderness LoreTrick Magic ItemLOWG p.82
Mantis ScionHigh SeasDexterity or WisdomStealthAssassin LoreAssurance (Stealth)LOWG p.70
Martial DiscipleStrength or DexterityAcrobatics or AthleticsWarfare LoreCat Fall or Quick JumpCRB p.63
Menagerie Dung SweeperAbsalom and Starstone IsleConstitution or WisdomNatureAnimal LoreTrain AnimalLOWG p.22
Merabite ProdigyGolden RoadDexterity or IntelligenceCraftingAlchemical LoreSpecialty Crafting (Alchemy)LOWG p.58
MerchantIntelligence or CharismaDiplomacyMercantile LoreBargain HunterCRB p.63
MinerStrength or WisdomSurvivalMining LoreTerrain Expertise (Underground)CRB p.63
MissionaryFall of PlaguestoneConstitution or WisdomDiplomacyScribing LoreGroup ImpressionFoP p.55
Molthuni MercenaryEye of DreadStrength or ConstitutionAthleticsMercenary LoreExperienced ProfessionalLOWG p.46
Mystic SeerExtinction CurseIntelligence or WisdomArcanaScam LoreArcane SenseECPG p.6
Nexian MysticImpossible LandsIntelligence or WisdomArcanaa Lore skill related to one plane of your choiceArcane SenseLOWG p.82
Nirmathi GuerrillaEye of DreadDexterity or WisdomSurvivalForest LoreTerrain Stalker (Underbrush)LOWG p.46
NobleIntelligence or CharismaSocietyGenealogy Lore or Heraldry LoreCourtly GracesCRB p.63
NomadConstitution or WisdomSurvivala Lore skill related to one terrain you traveled inAssurance (Survival)CRB p.63
Oenopion Ooze-tenderImpossible LandsConstitution or IntelligenceCraftingOoze LoreDubious KnowledgeLOWG p.82
Onyx TraderEye of DreadDexterity or CharismaSocietyMercantile LoreMultilingualLOWG p.46
OsirionologistGolden RoadConstitution or IntelligenceOccultismAncient Osirion LoreOddity IdentificationLOWG p.58
Out-of-TownerAge of AshesConstitution or IntelligenceDiplomacyDwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, or Halfling LoreHobnobberAoAPG p.5
Pathfinder HopefulAbsalom and Starstone IsleConstitution or IntelligenceSocietyPathfinder Society LoreAdditional LoreLOWG p.22
Perfection SeekerImpossible LandsDexterity or WisdomAcrobaticsWarfare LoreCat FallLOWG p.82
Press-GangedHigh SeasStrength or WisdomSocietySailing LoreExperienced ProfessionalLOWG p.70
PrisonerStrength or ConstitutionStealthUnderworld LoreExperienced SmugglerCRB p.63
Purveyor of the BizarreGolden RoadIntelligence or WisdomArcanaMercantile LoreQuick IdentificationLOWG p.58
QuickImpossible LandsCharisma or ConstitutionDeceptionUndead LoreCharming LiarLOWG p.82
Raised By BeliefVariesVariesVariesAssurance (Varies)LOGM p.9
Razmiran FaithfulBroken LandsStrength or CharismaIntimidationRazmir LoreGroup CoercionLOWG p.34
RefugeeFall of PlaguestoneConstitution or IntelligenceSurvivalHunting LoreForagerFoP p.55
Reputation SeekerAge of AshesDexterity or IntelligenceSurvivalDarklands, Desert, or Jungle LoreTerrain ExpertiseAoAPG p.5
Returning DescendantAge of AshesDexterity or WisdomThieveryEngineering LorePickpocketAoAPG p.5
RiggerExtinction CurseStrength or DexterityAthleticsCircus LoreCombat ClimberECPG p.6
Rivethun AdherentShining KingdomsConstitution or WisdomOccultismSpirit LoreRecognize SpellLOWG p.130
Rostland PartisanBroken LandsConstitution or CharismaDiplomacyPolitics LorreGroup ImpressionLOWG p.34
SailorStrength or DexterityAthleticsSailing LoreUnderwater MarauderCRB p.63
Sarkorian ReclaimerBroken LandsConstitution or WisdomMedicineAbyssal LoreBattle MedicineLOWG p.34
Sarkorian SurvivorBroken LandsStrength or CharismaSurvivalSarkorian History LoreForagerLOWG p.34
ScholarIntelligence or WisdomArcana, Nature, Occultism, or ReligionAcademia LoreAssurance (Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion)CRB p.63
Scholar of the AncientsHigh SeasIntelligence or CharismaArcanaAzlant LoreQuick IdentificationLOWG p.70
ScoutDexterity or WisdomSurvivala Lore skill related to one terrain you scouted inForagerCRB p.64
Secular MedicGolden RoadWisdom or DexterityMedicineAnatomy LoreBattle MedicineLOWG p.58
Senghor SailorMwangi ExpanseIntelligence or WisdomCraftingSailing LoreQuick RepairLOWG p.94
Shadow HauntedOld CheliaxIntelligence or WisdomIntimidationShadow Plane LoreQuick CoercionLOWG p.106
Shoanti Name-BearerSaga LandsStrength or WisdomAthleticsQuah LoreCombat ClimberLOWG p.118
Shory SeekerMwangi ExpanseDexterity or IntelligenceCraftingShory LoreSpecialty CraftingLOWG p.94
Sodden ScavengerMwangi ExpanseConstitution or WisdomSurvivalSwamp LoreForagerLOWG p.94
Storm SurvivorHigh SeasStrength or WisdomSurvivalWeather LoreForagerLOWG p.70
Street UrchinDexterity or ConstitutionThieverya Lore skill for the city you lived in as a street urchinPickpocketCRB p.64
Taldan SchemerShining KingdomsCharisma or ConstitutionDiplomacyPolitics LoreHobnobberLOWG p.130
TeamsterFall of PlaguestoneStrength or WisdomNatureMercantile LoreTrain AnimalFoP p.55
Thassilonian TravelerSaga LandsConstitution or IntelligenceArcanaThassilon LoreDubious KnowledgeLOWG p.118
Thrune LoyalistOld CheliaxIntelligence or CharismaReligionHell LoreStudent of the CanonLOWG p.106
Thuvian UnifierGolden RoadStrength or CharismaIntimidationPolitics LoreQuick CoercionLOWG p.58
TinkerDexterity or IntelligenceCraftingEngineering LoreSpecialty CraftingCRB p.64
Spoiler for Age of AshesTouched By DahakComplete
Age of Ashes
Strength or CharismaAthleticsDragon LoreTitan WrestlerAoA06 p.73
Trade Consortium UnderlingAbsalom and Starstone IsleIntelligence or WisdomSocietyBusiness LoreExperienced ProfessionalLOWG p.22
Truth SeekerAge of AshesStrength or WisdomDeceptionPolitics LoreLie to MeAoAPG p.6
Ulfen RaiderSaga LandsStrength or CharismaIntimidationSailing LoreIntimidating GlareLOWG p.118
Undersea EnthusiastHigh SeasStrength or ConstitutionAthleticsOcean LoreUnderwater MarauderLOWG p.70
Ustalavic AcademicEye of DreadIntelligence or WisdomCraftingAcademia LoreSkill TrainingLOWG p.46
Varisian WandererSaga LandsDexterity or CharismaPerformanceCircus LoreFascinating PerformanceLOWG p.118
Vidrian ReformerMwangi ExpanseDexterity or CharismaDiplomacyPolitics LoreHobnobberLOWG p.94
WarriorStrength or ConstitutionIntimidationWarfare LoreIntimidating GlareCRB p.64
Whispering Way ScionEye of DreadIntelligence or WisdomReligionUndead LoreStudent of the CanonLOWG p.46
Wildwood LocalShining KingdomsDexterity or WisdomNatureForest LoreNatural MedicineLOWG p.130
Winter's ChildSaga LandsConstitution or CharismaArcanaWeather LoreArcane SenseLOWG p.118
Witch WarySaga LandsDexterity or IntelligenceOccultismCurse LoreOddity IdentificationLOWG p.118
Wonder TasterBroken LandsIntelligence or ConstitutionCraftingAlchemical LoreAlchemical CraftingLOWG p.34

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