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Hobgoblin Heritages

Hobgoblins have a wide range of physiological differences based primarily on their family lineage. Choose one of the following hobgoblin heritages at 1st level.

Elfbane Hobgoblin

Lost Omens Character Guide p.49

Hobgoblins were engineered long ago from the unreliable and fecund goblins, to be used as an army against the elves. Although the elves ultimately freed the hobgoblins from their bondage, some hobgoblins retain ancestral resistance to magic, which they refer to as “elf magic.” You gain the Resist Elf Magic reaction.

Resist Elf Magic [reaction]

Trigger You attempt a saving throw against a magical effect but haven’t rolled yet.

Your ancestral resistance to magic protects you. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the triggering saving throw. If the triggering effect is arcane, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus instead.

Runtboss Hobgoblin

Lost Omens Character Guide p.49

You come from a long line of hobgoblins who commanded goblins. You are smaller than other hobgoblins, but goblins still listen to any commands you bellow. You gain the Group Coercion skill feat. If you roll a success on an Intimidation check to Coerce a goblin (but not other creatures with the goblin trait), you get a critical success instead; if you roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead.

Smokeworker Hobgoblin

Lost Omens Character Guide p.49

Your family have been alchemists, engineers, and scientists for generations, on projects bringing smoke and fire to the field of battle. You gain fire resistance equal to half your level (minimum 1). You automatically succeed at the DC 5 flat check to target a concealed creature if that creature is concealed only by smoke.

Warmarch Hobgoblin

Lost Omens Character Guide p.49

You come from a line of wandering mercenaries, constantly on the march and scavenging food on the trail. If you fail, but not critically fail, to Subsist in the wilderness, you can still keep yourself fed with poor meals. When exploring, you can Hustle twice as long before you have to stop.

Warrenbred Hobgoblin

Lost Omens Character Guide p.49

Your ancestors lived underground. Your ears are larger than those of other hobgoblins and sensitive to echoes. When you are underground, you can use the Seek action to sense undetected creatures within a 30-foot burst instead of a 15-foot burst. In addition, if you roll a success on an Acrobatics check to Squeeze, you get a critical success instead.

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