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Halfling Heritages

Living across the land, halflings of different heritages might appear in regions far from are their ancestors lived. Choose one of the following halfling heritages at 1st level.

Gutsy Halfling

Core Rulebook p.51

Your family line is known for keeping a level head and staving off fear when the chips were down, making them wise leaders and sometimes even heroes. When you roll a success on a saving throw against an emotion effect, you get a critical success instead.

Hillock Halfling

Core Rulebook p.51

Accustomed to a calm life in the hills, your people find rest and relaxation especially replenishing, particularly when indulging in creature comforts. When you regain Hit Points overnight, add your level to the Hit Points regained. When anyone uses the Medicine skill to Treat your Wounds, you can eat a snack to add your level to the Hit Points you regain from their treatment.

Nomadic Halfling

Core Rulebook p.52

Your ancestors have traveled from place to place for generations, never content to settle down. You gain two additional languages of your choice, chosen from among the common and uncommon languages available to you, and every time you take the Multilingual feat, you gain another new language.

Observant Halfling

Lost Omens Character Guide p.43

Your finely honed senses quickly clue you in to danger or trickery. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your Perception DC, though not to your Perception checks.

Twilight Halfling

Core Rulebook p.52

Your ancestors performed many secret acts under the concealing cover of dusk, whether for good or ill, and over time they developed the ability to see in twilight beyond even the usual keen sight of halflings. You gain low-light vision.

Wildwood Halfling

Core Rulebook p.52

You hail from deep in a jungle or forest, and you’ve learned how to use your small size to wriggle through undergrowth, vines, and other obstacles. You ignore difficult terrain from trees, foliage, and undergrowth.

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